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Discover How a Former Emergency Room Doctor Facing Life and Death Challenges Can Help You Achieve Your Highest Potential as a Leader

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This Eleven Minute TEDx Talk is Guaranteed to Shift Your Perspective About the Role Judgment Plays in Remaining Competitive in a Beauty Obsessed World SPEAKER

Motivational and inspirational stories and strategies. Funny, thought-provoking and memorable! 

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Strategies that transformed Dr. O’Malley from college drop-out and secretary to an emergency room doctor and entrepreneur. 

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As medical director of Madison Med Spa, Dr. Susan O’Malley helps women navigate aging without surgery.

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"As my 55th birthday is a day away I find myself searching to figure out what truly defines "me". Your book helped me find a sense of peace and new beginnings seem possible. Thank you for telling your made a difference to me."
Sandy R. 

"Great interview with JLD! Thank you for sharing your story, insight and wisdom. I finished a 30 yearr career recently and am moving forward at 60, feeling younger than ever. Keep up your impact!  
Mark R.

"I just read your article on Entrepreneur and it hit at the right time. Your article helped underline what I am doing and solidify why I chose this...thank you for sharing your story. Hopefully in a few years I can share mine." Thank you 
Steve P.